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    Eden Energy Medicine    

"Energy is all there is."  Donna Eden                   

Eden Energy Medicine is the art and science of working directly with the body’s distinct energy systems, as identified by Donna Eden, an internationally renowned healer and teacher. According to Eden Energy Medicine, the health of the body’s energies need to flow, be balanced and in harmony, in order to achieve optimal health. Since earliest recorded history, indigenous cultures have worked with the body’s unique energy systems to heal their people.


Another description of Eden Energy Medicine is “acupuncture without needles”, as it builds upon ancient Eastern wisdom and combines it with modern scientific understanding to deliver a totally unique approach to natural healing.


It is compatible with conventional medicine and will not interfere with any health regimen, medical treatments or medicines. It actually has the ability to positively impact current care. Eden Energy Medicine offers safe, simple and effective tools for people of all ages to maximize their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Gemstone Healing 

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In this new era, we are finally drawing upon the wisdom of the past, and integrating it into our modern lifestyle as a way to return to greater balance, vitality, health and joy.

 Other Healing Modalities Offered by Amy:
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Reconnective Healing
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Body-Centered Hypnosis


is a key benefit of the VitalEssence Healing experience. During healing sessions, illuminating and releasing the energetic habits in the body, mind and spirit will begin to occur, thereby allowing balanced energy, healthier beliefs and new habits to take their place.

Simple, powerful self-healing techniques will be taught for you to practice and perform at home. Committing to only five minutes of simple energy exercises practiced daily can start to significantly shift your energy. This gives you the best chance to maintain positive changes, progress faster and be successful at optimizing your health and life. 


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Amy did an Eden Energy Medicine balancing session on me and all my fatigue and stress melted away. I felt fully rejuvenated and revitalized after the session. I literally felt the energy moving up and down the channels in my body. She also taught me a daily energy routine that I demonstrated to her. I started using it on myself in the morning before I shower and it really gets my energy going. I feel clear-headed, energized, and focused and ready to start my day! I have given up my coffee  the caffeine is now unnecessary. Thank you Amy. ~TC~operating room nurse


The Black Pearl session, worked on the emotional acupoints on my head really helped me to feel my grief and anger, which I had suppressed for a long time. It allowed me to release these negative feelings and energy that I was carrying around. I knew that I was walking around like a zombie because I did not want to ‘feel’. My life had become very gray and I was very numb to pain and to joy. The energy work brought it all up to the surface and allowed me to process it and cry. I was able to clear out the grief with a homeopathic remedy, EFT, and  journaling, which Amy also recommended. I was able to work more productively with my therapist after the suppressed energy was released! I thank Amy for returning me to the land of the living! ~SB~corporate administrative assistant


Amy did a Quick Energy Balancing and Neurolymphatic session on me. I was in my 3rd trimester with my 2nd pregnancy and was feeling very tired, had low energy, and felt like I was fighting a virus bug. Amy’s work brought energy back to my body and mind. I felt lighter, brighter, and energized. I drank lots of fluids afterward due to the work on the lymphatic energy channels. It was amazing! I felt normal, only better! ~KB~ doctor’s receptionist


The Quick Energy Balancing session was great as it helped get my energy flowing again. After a break-up with my boyfriend a few months earlier, I was still an emotional mess! Amy also did a Chakra Clearing and Balancing session on me and it really helped me feel lighter, not so full of sadness. My heart belonged to me again and did not feel so shattered. The Mother of Pearl gemisphere necklace also helped give me that feeling of connection and universal love. I felt ready to enjoy my life again and open to the next chapter. ~PJ~ real estate executive

I have been very stressed out with work and caring for my aging parents.  Amy did a Quick Balancing and Black Pearl session on me that restored my balance and energy and is helping me to cope better with my challenges.  Her warm and caring manner and obvious professionalism and knowledge combine to make her a person I will see again and again to help me regain a state of ease and grace when I have lost it!  Thanks, again, Amy.    ~Myra~  marketing and website design

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