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"Remembering the perfection of who we already are" 

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VitalEssence Healing brings to light the energy imbalances, which are at the root of disease, distress and unhappiness.

Knowledge, experience, and understanding of the medical medical and holistic model, emotional empathy, and confidentiality for all clients is the standard of care of VitalEssence Healing.  A sacred, respectful and safe space is provided for clients to discuss their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

The VitalEssence Healing journey enables clients to return to their natural state of freedom, as they transform inhibiting beliefs, chronic health issues and generate inner vitality, great joy, and an ability to create the life they desire.     

Peacefulness, relaxation and renewed balance and restored energy are what clients describe during and after a healing session. In addition, VitalEssence Healing promotes self-awareness and understanding in which the true nature of the individual emerges. 

VEH is one of the few healing paradigms that fosters self-growth and self-empowerment through energy exercises that are taught to the client for at-home use.

By doing these exercises daily, clients begin to understand their own energy, and can maintain the positive energy shifts in between sessions. This allows every session to build upon the last resulting in an ever-increasing feeling of well being, self-awareness and joy.

Clients are excited as they learn self-healing energy tools to reduce daily stress, enhance vitality, and nurture their spirit.


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With VitalEssence Healing

you can free yourself from energy imbalances causing:

·         Stress, Anxiety & Insomnia

·         Lowered Immune Resistance

·         Sadness & Depression

·         Hormonal Issues

·         Digestive Issues

·         Chronic Pain

·         Brain fog

~Bring balance to all aspects of Life and Health

~Illuminate Self Knowledge and True Path

~Experience Vital Health, Self-Acceptance,

Peace and Joy


VitalEssence Healing is joyfully centered on Eden Energy Medicine and Quantum or Quan TM Healing. This illuminating Holistic Energy Work gently opens up blocked energetic pathways to balance and stimulate the body’s innate healing ability.



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